Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bath Cocktail "Drive In Movie"

I know this is probably going to sound cliche but what a lush bath this was. It's probably the sweetest bath cocktail I've ever had the pleasure of lavishing in.

Every single scent made it's appearance while I was in the bath. The cotton candy scent from the creamy candy bubble bar, the vanilla from the Twilight, and the lavender from the Pink bath bomb.

The bubbles were quite fluffy, as you can see from the picture on the left, (and no my leg is not actually that big) and they lasted for 30 minutes or so. That's an unfortunate thing for someone who has a jetted tub. When the bubbles last that long you can't turn on the jets because it "re-ups" the bubbles and basically swallows you whole.

My favorite thing about this bath was the fact that I smelled of vanilla and lavender all night long. It actually helped me get to sleep.

Something that I didn't much care for were the pink streaks it left on the side of my tub. I actually had to pull out the bleach cleaner to get them off. I scrubbed with a washcloth and water, a scouring pad, and I finally gave in and squirted some clorox on them and they came right off.

Although I don't have a photo of it, the pink BB also left little pink hearts in the bottom of the tub. This isn't necessarily a problem I'm just not one for "floating friends".

All in all I love this bath and I would absolutely use it again. I think, for my sake, I'd probably sock the pink BB so it doesn't leave friends behind.

This bath cocktail features Pink Bath Bomb, 1/2 a Twilight Bath Bomb, and a small chunk of the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. See this bath cocktail in action!

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