Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

The first Christmas (2013) product I've used and it's off to an OK start. Watch the demo and then see what I thought.

Although put off by the look and the copious amounts of glitter I was so drawn in by the smell of this bath melt. Fresh cut fruit, of most any kind, is such a high ranking smell in my book. I knew going into it this was going to make a mess. I was prepared to deal with it simply for the smell.

The fresh cut lime scent was, and is, so appealing but after I turned off the camera and actually got into the tub I felt like the smell started to disappear all too quickly. I was a little disappointed in that fact because that's what I was most looking forward to.

I've only ever tried one other bath melt (You've been mangoed) and I have to say I wasn't impressed by either one. Less so with star light. I thought, since it contains cocoa and Shea butter, that it would make such a smooth bath I wouldn't be able to get out. It didn't. There was absolutely no silkiness to my bath. I was stunned, and disappointed, and a little let down.

As I said before the smell didn't come out as much in the bath nor did it "stick" to my skin. I'm really not sure what to say about it's longevity. It was almost non existant? The only thing that lasted was the glitter. It was everywhere. On my skin. Stuck to the side of my tub. Just everywhere.

Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt - $6.95

Seeing as how I knew that I was going to be covered in glitter I can't blame that on my bath melt. I did have to take a very vigorous shower afterwards. I was afraid that if I sat anywhere or put any clothes on they'd also be covered in glitter. Again, it's what I expected. What I can say with confidence is that I was let down. The smell just didn't last as long as I would have expected. I had the jets in my tub on the entire time (even though it did produce very soft, fast dissipating, bubbles) and it was as if I'd put a couple drops of lime oil in my bath. Normally with jets full blast for the entire bath the smell sticks around for quite a while. It didn't make my bath soft, it didn't leave my skin soft, and it was all around a disappointment. Unless they can figure out what the scent gives up and runs away, and change that, I wouldn't purchase this bath melt again.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumkin Bubble Bar

Unfortunately this is the last of my Halloween products. The Pumkin bubble bar. Yes, it is spelled with one p. Before watching the video you must know that I was only able to spend around 20 to 30 minutes in the bath due to the overwhelming smell. As I stated in the video this was purchased by my husband and I truly did want to try it before I smelled it. 

I couldn't stand the smell of this product from the get go. The over powering combination of the ylang ylang and the gardenia really turned me off. I didn't even smell a slight hint of the orange flower absolute although I don't know that I could have caught it's scent over the other smells. I was willing to give it a shot though and I'm glad I did. I know never to purchase anything with that combination of scents ever again. Yes, I didn't like it even after the bath. If either of these smells are your style you are absolutely going to LOVE this bubble bar. As far as smell after the bath goes it held up. I smelled like gardenia for hours. Again, not my favorite thing.

While I didn't like the smell the feel was a true Lush product feel. The bath was silky, my skin felt silky,  and the bubbles were beautiful. My only problem was the candy eyes and the licorice stem. They left a very ugly mess in the bath. The licorice broke down and became quite slimy as did the chocolate eyes. After draining all the water I noticed little brown spots on the bottom of my tub. These were obviously from the chocolate eyes. I actually had to scrub my tub after the bath. This was a first for me. Even though Lush bath bombs and bubble bars have vibrant colors and other products included inside I've never had to scrub the aftermath out.

I can't truly give you an in depth on how long the smell lasted because I got out of the tub as soon as I felt I'd gotten my money's worth out of the bath. It couldn't have been more than 30 minutes though. I brought my husband into the bathroom to show him the chocolate mess and he noticed the gardenia smell right away. He wasn't quite a fan either. The bubbles, true to Lush fashion, lasted the entire time I was in the bath.

Pumkin bubble bar - $5.95

Even though I wasn't a fan of this bubble bar I know those who enjoy the scents of ylang ylang and gardenia will truly love this little guy. All I have to say is that you must smell this before you buy it if you're unsure of what either of those scents really smell like. I, for one, will be looking out for this combination of scents, or the scents on their own, so that I can steer clear of them. Have you tried Pumkin? What did you think?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb

My husband, the amazing man that he is, went down to Vegas and stopped at Lush just to pick me up the special Halloween items before they were sold out. One of those was a bath bomb called the Lord of Misrule. Here's a little demo.

As I said in the video this bath both smells quite like Twilight. It's got more earthy tones than Twilight but I think the basic scent is the same. That's not a problem since I absolutely adore Twilight. I was hoping for a more fall scented product but I won't complain because it does smell fantastic. The smell lasted the entire time I was in the tub too. After getting out I could smell it on my skin until the next morning. That's a great way to wake up.

This has to be the silkiest bath bomb I've used to date. Sliding into the bath I felt like I was being wrapped in warm silk sheets. The silver flecks weren't chunky so they didn't disturb the overall feel of the bath. I absolutely loved the way this made the bath feel. I also loved the way it made my skin feel. Everything was just so soft and silky. 

This bath bomb took fairly long to fizz out. I love when that happens. You get a show and a bath all in one. The bubbles were also long lasting. As always, take into consideration that I have a jetted tub and when I turn on the jets each bath bomb I've used (minus a few) produce bubbles 

Lord Of Misrule - $5.95

The next time I go to Lush, which is later this week, I'm absolutely going to purchase more of these. Thankfully they're sticking around until spring. This bath bomb has pushed many others out of the way and is absolutely in my top 5 bath bombs from Lush. Love it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lush Bath Cocktail - Roses For My Honey

After only finding so many bath cocktail suggestions online I decided to sit in my closet (where I store all my Lush products) and sniff through to figure out what worked together. This is the cocktail I was most excited about. I was trying to save this for a more "romantic" day but I just couldn't wait.

I found it quite interesting that these smells worked so well together. Like I stated in the video this was my first time using sex bomb and I really enjoyed it. I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but this really worked.

(How the bath smelled and ho it made me smell)
While I was in the tub the floral scent really took over. I didn't mind it though. They weren't strong enough to force me out of the bath too quickly but they weren't so weak that I was wondering if I'd even put a floral scented bomb, and a floral scented bubble bar, in. The most amazing part was that after I got out of the bath ... I smelled like toffee. No joke. I found it quite odd and pretty freakin' awesome at the same time. I can only think of a couple times that actually smelled the toffee in the tub (the initial turning on of the jets and the second time I turned the jets on) but coming out of a floral bath smelling like toffee was a pleasant surprise.

(How the bath felt and how it made me feel)
It's unbelievable how silky the rose jam bubbleroon makes your bath feel. I know that the bath bombs add some silkiness to the bath but those bubbleroons (which, as it was explained to me in the store, is a bubble bar and a bath melt in one) amp up the velvety feeling. After the bath, however, I felt a little dryer than normal. I had to put on some lotion because I was feeling extra flaky. I'm not sure if it was the bath or the fact that it was a little cold outside and I walked out the door almost immediately after dressing.

(Longevity of the bubbles, the fizzing length of the bombs, and how long the smells lasted.)
Keep in mind that I do have a jetted tub. I can only keep the jets on so long with bubble bars in the tub. That being said I only had to turn the jets on once to get the bubbles back. I was in the tub for a little under an hour and I didn't have to "re-up" the bubbles more than once. Those were long lasting bubbles. As far as me smelling like toffee, it lasted for a couple hours. I sniffed my arm before I went to bed, which was somewhere around 2 hours after I got out of the tub, and I could still smell faint hints of toffee, and even a tiny speck of roses.

(All the pricing information comes from Lush. If I used half the product, I half the price.)
Honeybee Bath Bomb - Whole - $6.45
Sex Bomb - Half - $3.33
Rose Jam Bubbleroon - Half - $3.13
Total Cost - $12.91

(My final thoughts & would I use it again)
Overall this was an expensive bath cocktail. I'm not sure how I didn't realize the cost but I didn't. On the other hand it did make me smell amazing and for quite a long time. The bubbles were nice long lasting bubbles, the bath was silky, and it worked so well together. I was a little disappointed in the dryness of my skin afterward but I think I can overlook that. Dream cream solved that problem. As far as using this again ... maybe on a special occasion. It's a little too expensive to be using more than once or twice a year.

So folks that's my bath cocktail. Let me know if you found this information helpful or if I went on too long about all this stuff. Also let me know if you've used any of these products and what your thoughts are.