Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Secret Santa Demo

Holy cow the massiveness of the bath ballistic is incomparable. I recently watched the Lush video on how it's made and loved the fact that there was a little santa face inside. It fizzed out so fast in the bath that I didn't have time to pick up the santa face and show it off though.

First let's talk about the smell of this behemoth. It smells exactly like walking into a Lush shop. I mentioned it in the video but I'm not sure I can mention it enough. I love standing outside a Lush store and just smelling the amazing mix of products. It's something that has to be experienced, if you ask me. The scent changes slightly when it fizzes out in the tub. You can still smell the Lush in it but you suddenly get a floral scent accompanying it. It was quite fantastic.

Looking at it you would think it turns the water a bright orange. You'd be right. It was almost as if I'd poured liter bottles of orange soda into the tub. The little hints of pink on the windows actually showed themselves a little too.

One of the best things about it was it didn't produce any bubbles. For it's size, and that fact that it's a Lush product, I thought I'd be drowned in bubbles. This, for someone with a jetted tub, is an awesome fact. I know I mention jets a lot but when you've got them you know that once they're turned on most bath bombs product bubbles and you can't have the jets on for long because the bubbles will start to overtake the tub. This one didn't.

Something else I thought it would do that it didn't, it didn't make my bath any more silky than a normal size bath bomb. I was a little shocked, and slightly disappointed, at that. I would figure that it being so large they would have packed it full of oils. I can't say I was disappointed because it was amazing.

I was a little disappointed that it kept leaving odd streaks on the side of my tub though. They came off easily but after draining the tub I noticed that it left some weird flakes at the bottom. This could have very well been the Sandy Santa though so don't quote me on this.

Overall, a great ballistic. I will absolutely be purchasing this again.

If you want to know what I thought about Sandy Santa, I posted something about it right before this post. Check it out.

Have you used Secret Santa?
What are your thoughts?

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