Friday, December 20, 2013

Bombardino Bath Bomb

Bombardino is probably the bath bomb that I was most looking forward to. In most ways it didn't disappoint.

First and foremost, and I mentioned this in the demo video, he's so adorable. His little pillow, almost meringue looking, hat just makes you want to eat him up.

He's got eyes. Albeit chocolate eyes that put little brown spots on your tub if you happen to forget to remove them like I did.

When I heard that Bombardino promised a lemon cheesecake aroma I was excited. However it let me down a little. I thought it smelled quite vanilla. I mean that both in the plain sense of the word and the literal sense. I would have loved to smell more lemon and really hope they alter that.

Something else that I found quite odd was that it was selectively silky in the bath. By this I mean that as I rubbed my fingers through the water, and over my legs, I could absolutely feel some parts of my legs encompassed with that silky smooth Lush loveliness. Other parts were left out. I'm not sure if that was because I didn't have the jets on the whole time, because of the bubbles, or if there just isn't enough oils packed into his little tiny body.

Speaking of bubbles, they were great.

Packed inside Bombardino is a beautiful gold luster that sits on top of the bubbles. I was excited to see it at work until I drained the tub and realized that it also stuck to the side of the tub. No worries though. Unlike the glitter encompassing Star Light Star Bright, the gold luster came of with a little water and a swipe of the hand.

I guess everyone has a different holiday smell in their mind and I think Lush went for fruity. It's not that I don't enjoy these scents it's just that it's not what I smell when I think of the seasons. Despite that I will be repurchasing Bombardino next year. I'm hoping they can make him a little bigger though.

Have you tried Bombardino?
What are your thoughts?

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